Valerie has worked extensively in television, focusing primarily on documentary style programming.  Her credits include the following:

DRIVE “Notes from the Wilderness” – 2005, 2007, 2010

A 19 episode documentary style television series following pro skateboarder Mike Vallely across America, and several international trips. Mike takes us on the road to the very heart of skateboarding and his love for life, connections, and community. As he visits different communities, connecting with local skaters, he reminds us to have the courage to be ourselves, to stand our ground, find what we truly love and share it.

“There’s a big world out there with endless possibilities. Getting out there and seeing it and experiencing life in other places and other cultures is essential to finding the humanity in everything.” – Mike Vallely

Created, produced and directed by Mark Jeremias for Build Worlwide


A Reality Show hosted by best-selling author Jay McGraw, son of Dr. Phil McGraw.  Each show follows a family who has experienced a life altering challenge of some sort. While a crew does a major home makeover, Jim and a host of specialist work with the family to restore healthy relationships and get them back on track.

Rocket Science Laboratories

MERGE – 2003

A Reality Show hosted by Lisa Rinna –   “Merge” takes viewers where no home decorating show has gone before. Each episode follows a couple as they marry and merge two separate households with totally different styles into one. With a behind-the-scenes look at the actual design process, this show brings to light the dilemmas leading up to a successful home makeover and the drama that ensues when abodes are transformed. 

Produced by Dalaklis-McKeown Entertainment for Lifetime Television

VH1 BEHIND THE MUSIC – 1997-2014

Behind the Music is a documentary television series created by Gay Rosenthal for  VH1. Each episode profiles and interviews a popular musical artist or group. The program examines the beginning of their career, their road to success and the hardships they may have encountered along the way.

Valerie edited Behind the Music Episodes on  Madonna, Lionel Richie, John Mellencamp, The Day the Music Died (Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valance, The Big Bopper), Depeche Mode

Executive produced by Gay Rosenthal for VH1


This documentary short part of the EDGEWISE series for MSNBC, persuasively positions cult figure Monte Hellman as emblematic of an entire generation of American directors. From UCLA film school and Roger Corman hireling to working with Jack Nicholson and independent filmmaking in the 1970s, to his subsequent retreat from directing, Hellman’s career illustrates the ups and downs of an artist working in a medium where the lines between art and commerce are often blurred.

Other shorts in the series — Alexandra Nikita, a 9 year prodigy often referred to as the “Petite Picasso” and Hollywood Icons Marty & Elaine

Directed byGeorge Hickenlooper


This 70 minute special created for Disney takes us on the road with Lyle Lovett’ as he prepares for and performs to a sold out crowds in San Antonio, Texas.  The show intercuts stage performances beautifully captured through 9 cameras, with poignant interviews of Lyle Lovett and members of his “Big Band”.

Directed by Wayne Miller, Produced by Wayne Miller and Lyle Lovett for DISNEY


A television mini-series giving the viewer a privilege look into the life of popular icons Matthew Perry, Ron Howard, Elle MacPherson and Dennis Rodman.

Created by Peter Isaackson and James Yaffe for FOX

SHE TV – 1997

A skit comedy show television pilot, consisting of six 1 hour episodes, focusing on pop culture and a feminist take on life.

Directed by Joel Paley, Produced by Casey Werner and George Schlatter for ABC

SESAME STREET – 1996 – 2010

Valerie edited a number of short 30 seconds to 2 minutes educational films for the beloved children’s television special. The most of these films was “Elmo’s world” which starred Valerie’s then three year old daughter Sabrina.

Directed by Rachel Harms for PBS

Three films recipient of Daytime Emmy Awards


A powerful one hour television special honoring this music icon.  The show was an intense labor of love as it included duet performance of Frank Sinatra with a range of artists who had never actually performed with Sinatra on stage.  The challenge was to seamlessly combine contemporary and archival footage.

Directed by George Schlatter, Produced by Donn Hoyer and Maria Schlatter for CBS

Primetime Emmy nomination for best editorial, 1994-95

THE AMERICAN COMEDY AWARDS – 8th annual – 1994

An annual award show honoring comedians.  Segment on Mike Nichols for the “Lifetime Creative Achievement Award”

Directed by Garey Halvarson, Produced by George Schlatter for ABC


A retrospective of the best episodes of the TV series Taxi (1978), which ran from 1978-83, about the lives of a disparate group of taxi drivers working for the Sunshine Cab Co. in New York City. Hosted by Marilu Henner, who played Elaine Nardo on the series, cast members are interviewed and clips from some of the most popular episodes of the series are shown.

Directed by David Jackson for ZM Productions


A two hour live event honoring comedy greats such as Carol Burnett, Milton Berle, Jonathan Winters, Red Skelton, and George Burns.  Edited segments on Jonathan Winters, Milton Berle and George Carlin.

Directed by Garey Halvarson, Produced by Donn Hoyer and Maria Schlatter for NBC

ZINE – 1993

Multi episode pilot for a television news magazine geared towards the “Generation X”.  Created by pro-skateboarder Stacy Peralta.

Produced by Julie Fang for ZM productions

CITY JAM for Reebok – 1993

Five half hour dance shows, sponsored by Reebok for the release of their “Step” workouts.  High energy, multi camera production aimed at getting viewers off their feet.

Directed by Steve Rechtshaffner for Industrial Strength Productions


Half hour special on the making of the feature film “Night and the City”, the story about a cheating and incompetent lawyer (Harry Fabian) who suddenly gets obsessed on becoming a boxing promoter.  The show included intimate on set interviews with Robert De Niro who played the leading role.

Directed and Produced by Nelson McCormick

Winner of the Houston International Film Festival, April 1993