When it comes to showcasing your brand and earning the trust of your audience online, there is no denying the power of video.

In 2010 Valerie took her 20 years of experience creating award winning videos for advertising and corporate markets to craft powerful launch sequences. Whether you are looking for magnetic opt-in videos, top notch membership content or an outstanding product launch, Valerie knows how to showcase you and your brand in riveting ways.

XMA License – Membership site launch

In 2010 Valerie partnered with Martial Arts guru Mike Chat, founder of XMA (Extreme Martial Arts) to launch a membership site for school owners around the world.   Valerie co-produced, directed and edited all the videos for the product launch as well as 2 years of weekly content.

She combined elements of Frank Kern’s Core influence and Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula with her skillful story telling ability and understanding of marketing to deliver a launch like no other. Her unique approach and commitment to excellence led to a 5 figure launch day in an industry that “does not do internet”.

View XMA Launch Videos  here

Cage Fitness Home Kit – Product Launch

Cage Fitness was created by UFC Champion Matt Hughes as a tool to “help America get fit”.

The Home Kit was launched to the general public as a fitness product in December 2011.

Valerie co-produced, directed and edited all the videos for the launch of the Cage Fitness Home Kit.

View Home Kit Launch videos here

XMA License – Membership site Content Videos

When it comes to membership content videos Valerie’s philosophy is clear: Keep the video simple and straightforward to allow the content to shine. She applies this to camera angles as well as her editing.

View XMA Membership Videos here