An award winning editor, Valerie was born and raised in Paris, France, speaking French, English and Spanish. Valerie came to the United Sates in 1988 to attend Middlebury College in Vermont where she majored in Mandarin Chinese and Political science in the hopes of becoming a diplomat. She enrolled in a film production class her senior year and realized that politics was not her calling as she felt most at home when she was creating. She moved to Los Angeles upon graduating and  learned the art of editing under the tutelage of distinguished editor Bee Ottinger.  In 1991 she set off on her own and launched what proved to be a stellar career as a film and television editor.

In her vast editing career, Valerie has accumulated a significant body of work which spans a large spectrum from music videos to feature films.  Her credits include: Award-winning commercials for clients such as MACYS,  AT&T and TOYOTA; music videos for cutting edge artists such as SOUNDGARDEN, and NIRVANA; TV specials such as: VH1 BEHIND THE MUSIC; THE BEST OF TAXI; and the feature films THE RUTLES: CAN’T BUY ME LUNCH, George Hickenlooper’s DOGTOWN, and the critically acclaimed, Academy Award® Semi-Finalist, POP AND ME.

She has built a solid reputation for delivering exceptional work, receiving awards for the HBO special SHOTS IN THE DARK, the making of NIGHT AND THE CITY, and a Primetime Emmy® nomination for the CBS special FRANK SINATRA DUETS.  Several of her SESAME STREET segments have also received Emmy® awards.

Numerous directors rely on Valerie’s strengths for rhythm and pacing, her natural instincts for comedic timing and her strong sense of story.  Her work has been received with a standing ovation and a deluge of applause more than once.

Her passion for her craft, and strong desire to refine her skills, has always driven her to seek new challenges. In 1996,  Valerie founded Pixel Jungle, Inc., one of a handful of post production editorial houses owned by a woman.  The decision to build Pixel Jungle was sparked largely by her desire to become a mom. Long days and impossible deadlines are commonplace in the film and video industry and not exactly ideal for a healthy family life.  Valerie was determined to strike a fine balance between career and motherhood and her facility included a nursery and a full time nanny. She found that by bridging her two passions she was even more creative and productive.

Always looking for opportunities to shine the light on inspirational people Valerie was exhilarated to edit the 19 episode documentary series DRIVE: Notes from the Wilderness.  The most rewarding aspect of this particular project was having the creator, Mark Jeremias, regularly share the content of letters he received from viewers across the globe.

In 2010 Valerie shifted her focus to  several Net based projects bringing the Internet’s “Lean Forward Programming” and the “Lean back programming” of the living room closer together. She co-founded the XMA Martial Arts Network for the web and produced all of the video content for this membership site.

She is excited about bringing her passions together once again through her wellness video academy.

Valerie has been extremely active in philanthropy – especially championing children’s causes and has raised money and improved lives throughout the world. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Cris, and three beautiful daughters.

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