Every piece has it’s own unique pulse.  Once you find it, MAGIC happens!

~ Valerie

In her 25 years in post production Valerie has set herself apart by refusing to specialize in one aspect of the business or the other, choosing instead to always work on projects that inspired her and with people she felt a real connection with.

At the core of her success lies incredible passion for her craft and an uncanny sense of story.  She also brings to her work her european sensibilities and a wonderful sense of rhythm.  “Editing is all about finding the rhythm of the piece”, she says, “whether you are cutting a music video or a documentary, every piece has it’s own unique pulse.”

Valerie has amazing instincts as an editor. She just gets it. She has great taste and flawless timing, combined with a work ethic that won’t quit and an ability to make every member of the team feel respected and listened to. Her creativity is only matched by her enthusiasm for everything she touches, whether it’s a national spot or an online video, she clearly loves the process and it shows. She’s awesome!’

Vanessa MacAdam, Executive Producer DDB LA

Valerie has also always been somewhat of a visionary, embracing new technology and always seeking a challenge.  When Avid first came on the scene in 1991, introducing a whole new approach to the editing process, she became a beta tester for the company.  She quickly adapted to the non-linear approach and found it offered endless new possibilities.

In 2010, Valerie chose to apply her skills in the world of internet marketing.  She has experienced great success and switched much of her attention to that world.

2020 finds Valerie venturing in a new direction as she launches a coaching program and video production company for fitness and wellness professionals.   A fitness and nutrition coach herself for the past five years, Valerie personally understands the unique nature of this world and knows how to create meaningful connections with her clients through well crafted videos, be they for live streaming or on-demand consumption.   Valerie looks forward to supporting fellow fitness and nutrition professional in creating outstanding video content.